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Connecting Bubble to the Paypal api: java.lang.nullpointerexception error

Calling the Paypal rest api and get this java.lang.nullpointerexception error:

When initialising the call on Postman - it works fine
Where would this error be? In the body?

Here’s my body:

“line1”:“52 N Main ST”,
“description”:“This is the payment transaction description.”

Seems to be a paypal error message from their code, that means the data you’re sending is probably not correct.

Generally speaking, I don’t think using PayPal with the API connector will work because of a lot of server side stuff.

hmmm what data? and if so why would it work on outside of Bubble on Postman?

I managed to call fine

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I can’t tell, the error is a Java error, and we don’t use Java… Some format for the data may be different as sent by Bubble. Ask Paypal for more info here. Do they have a log?

General note: it is a NOT a good idea to send a credit card number like this, non encrypted. If users get their cards stolen, you’ll be responsible.

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