Bubble app development for healthcare sector?

Can we build web and mobile apps for healthcare industries?

I want to build internal software for healthcare industries like Hospital Management Systems, Patient Management Systems, and more. I haven’t seen any case studies of nocode technologies used in healthcare. I’m curious to know if it is possible to build custom software using Bubble for healthcare.

Bubble.io does not comply with HIPPA so any app that stores patient information might have liabilty issues.

can’t we use any other services integrated into bubble apps and then develop for healthcare?

At most, you could maybe use the front end of Bubble.

You would also need to make sure the data transmitted to whatever HIPPA compliant backend you would use is encrypted - have BAAs - and on and on.

I would definitely talk to compliance experts first.

Then, we can use Bubble for the front end and XANO for the back end. As XANO recently audited and is HIPPA compliance. What do you suggest?

Just adding that Airtable is HIPAA compliant now, too.

Maybe someone in the forum with experience dealing with HIPPA regulations can answer your question.

I wouldn’t want to give you advice and have you waste a lot of time. I do know if you use Bubble for the frontend you still need to be HIPPA compliant. How, and what you need to do I’m not experienced enough with HIPPA to say.

If I remember right, HIPPA compliance is an add-on with XANO. I know Firebase is also HIPPA compliant.

The only front end no code builder I know about that is HIPPA compliant is DrapCode and I think that is on their enterprise plan.

I remember this thread, read starting from this post How To Build Any App For $10K + Productising No-Code Development (Business of Bubble) - #35 by georgecollier

Seems impossible right now if you require HIPPA compliance. If its just an app for managing/scheduling then I suppose its no different than a customer/employee management app.

AFAIK, It is not enough to have bubble.io on the client side only. But I would take the advice given here and consult with a HIPPA complience expert.