Bubble app IP address doesn't work!


I’m trying to connect my domain name to my Bubble app.The settings are OK on the registrar but the IP Address given by Bubble doesn’t work.

Can you help to fix this please?
I’m trying since almost 1 week. How to to fix it?

Thank you for your help.

Have you contacted Bubble support directly via email?

You should not use the ip on Namecheap. Use: app.bubble.io.

Also don’t change anything in advanced settings. Rather on the domain dashboard enter the two nameservers.

OVH doesnt allow me to use namecheap. When I use Namecheap, I can’t create any DNS zone. Very weird :frowning:

It has nothing to do with OVH. It should work for any registrar.

Ok so what settings should I do exactly?

How to add the DNS?

Thanks for your help :wink:

Impossible to add a nameserver as you can see below :frowning:

I’m sorry I got it mixed up. Make the changes inside the advanced editor.

No problem. I made this settings since 3 days but it doens’t work.

Bubble says that it can’t point to the right A record 54. …8

remove the second and third one and add a new one.

myapp app.bubble.io
www app.bubble.io

You are redirecting to oclub5.com, that isn’t going to work as you’re creating a loop.

Have you made the changes Ulrich?

Yes I just made it. But Bubble doens’t tell me if it’s OK or not.

I can tell you it’s ok. Tomorrow it should work :wink:

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Ok thank you very much. I will let you know tomorrow :wink:

It’s working on my side.

But why Bubble still showing me this ?

That part takes time.

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I will let you know :wink: Thanks for your help.

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