Problem with domain configuration (OVH domain)


I have a problem with the configuration of my Bubble app (Personal plan)

Bubble indicate me to put this in the A record :

But OVH doesn’t allow me to put something other than an IP :

Can you help ?

Thank you,

I’m not familiar with that acronym for the domain provider. Where did you purchase the domain?


I think it’s from OVH ! I have the same DNS provider … And I have some problem to config my subdomain as well … Capture d’écran 2020-01-21 à 14.40.20

Oh I see. That is not a common provider in my area. You should probably reach out to them. Each domain provider has their own domain DNS options and I’m only familiar with GoDaddy and Google Domains.

@comebackevents I think you should add a . after the “

Hi Josh,
Could you show us Godaddy step by step process pls.


I actually left GoDaddy because of poor customer service and they locked one of my domains due to a claim from an another company without contacting me first. I was pretty upset that they would just lock a domain without contacting the owner first. I would recommend Google Domains @Sam. However, I will say that the recent changes from Bubble did make the process a little different from what they show on their site.

Godaddy does not support CNAME or Aliases. So you have to go through complicated steps to route through another service. If you can transfer your domain, I would recommend it.


Thanks Josh, will check google domains.

I’m not sure if this information will help the folks in this thread (I’m definitely not an expert in this area), but I ran into the same issue (not being able to create an A record because it needs an IP address) when configuring my personal domain with Google Domains.

I can’t seem to find the thread that pointed me in this direction, but how I got it working was to create the CNAME record and then do a subdomain forward as shown below…

Whether or not that is the correct way to go about it, it works, so I didn’t question it. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.


Hi @comebackevents How did you finally set your domain name? I’m stuck since many hours. Thank you for help.
I think that you use OVH. If you speak French, you can reply in French as well.


Use the dns service from namecheap.

I would like but I can’t transfer from OVH to Namecheap. All I need to understand is it I fill well the inputs in OVH.

You don’t need to transfer anything. Forward your DNS to Namecheap and then configure your records.

Ok I’ll try. Here is the error message I have

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