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Bubble App not showing up in Google Results

Hello! I recently deployed my app and also set up search console but my site is still not showing up on the Google results. Any suggestions on what to do?

Do I have to click each element and change the tag to (H1, H2, etc) for it to be indexable or does it does it do it automatically?

my app is, and when I search anything related to that nothing shows up, “try jetlab” tryjetlab experimentation platform", etc

Sorry if this is a dumb question. I am fairly new here to the Bubble community :slight_smile:

First off, welcome to the community. I think of google the same way as youtube. If there isn’t enough clicks on there or the URL/Name is used by many others it’ll be down on the list. And if the websites new it won’t instantly pop up on Search unless it’s filtered perfectly to see it. I may be wrong. I don’t think theres anything wrong on your end. Just google being a butt.

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Thanks for the warm welcome! Okay, I will wait and see, it’s weird because its not like I am even far down on the results, there are “0” results :grin:

It is strange to have 0. I would contact bubble for this. They might have a better answer. Hope all goes well!

I submitted my sitemap (in the SEO /Metatags section under Settings) and added the H1, H2, etc tags and requested indexing from google search console. I am thinking that should do the trick