App not showing up on Google | It's been months

Hi there,

I’ve had this app live on Bubble for months with the domain connected and still 0 hits on Google. This is strange as I’ve submitted my site map and have triple checked all settings within Bubble.

I’ve included my site map info, as you can see my main .xml sitemap has 0 discovered URLs which doesn’t make any sense. Google has finished indexing it and it still hasn’t show up. (there is ZERO competition with this name, like 4 results show up and none are mine).

I’d really appreciate some assistance!

Have you got it analysed using some SEO tools?

Unfortunately I don’t see how this would make a difference being that it doesn’t show up at all. If it appeared at all I’d share the name so proper diagnosis can be done but that’s not the case.

Well, it would make a difference as far as I know. You need to have some SEO tool analyse the site to see if some basics are wrong.

And you need to define what exactly do you mean by it is not showing up in google at all. Like when you search for x but you expect it to show up but it is not showing etc. What are those different things that you have tried?

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Without knowing the URL nobody is going to be able to give any specific help on your case, so if you’re happy to share the app URL then someone might be able to look into it…

Otherwise, you’re on your own as far as identifying any problems with your page/SEO/search visibility etc…

But what exactly do you mean by ‘Google has finished indexing it and it still hasn’t show up.’…

Doesn’t show up where? How do you know it’s indexed if it’s not showing up in search? What does your Google Search console say regarding indexed pages etc.?

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