Bubble App of the Day: UserLoop

We asked UserLoop founder, James Devonport, about building an app that allows brands to create and send surveys to their customers by email. James is a product manager but he has been building apps on Bubble since 2017. He chose Bubble because the no-code platform gives him the power to build powerful SaaS apps quickly and without the need for a development team.

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That is awesome! Great design nice job

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Thanks very much for featuring me @vivienne!

Things have continued to develop with the app and I’m now live on the Shopify App Store so merchants can install and start sending out surveys with one click.

Hundreds of surveys a week are going through the system at the moment, hoping to get that up to thousands soon :rocket:

Hugely grateful to the Bubble Community for all the help and information.

Happy to answer any questions people might have about the app if there are any :slight_smile:


Hello, can you teach us a little about how the app was made on shopify? Did you use their Shopify Admin Api Rest? To create the solution in the bubble? I saw in the shopify docs that the app can be hosted anywhere, so theoretically creating a bubble solution is an acceptable step, I just didn’t understand it later, as you did to upload the app to their store, you could teach us .

Hi there!

Yes the app is integrated with the Shopify API using the API connector. I subscribe to a few webhooks to power automated email sending, and pull product & order data over the rest API.

I had to go through the standard Shopify App Approval process for the app. They are quite strict with testing everything and there was quite a bit of feedback so it took about a month to complete.

I recommend reading all of this through before you start building to make sure everything you do follows their rules :slight_smile: Getting your app approved

It’s well worth doing, I’ve found their API to work really well with Bubble :slight_smile:

Well done. Another Bubble success story, vindicated and approved by Shopify.