Bubble app on Europe (EU) server located

Hey @anon33246003,

Holy macaroni :astonished:!

Yeah @josh said they´re supposed to let us choice the region pretty soon as mentioned in:

Hopefully we´ll get an update on this one pretty soon.


Well … Anybody doy have heard about something more about EU Localization ? :wink:


That it has nothing to do with GDPR compliancy? Yup!

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Hey @adammalysz814

No news about this right now. Hope Bubble team is still working on this one.

So sad but that´s the way it is.

Hope they say something about this soon.

Hello, everyone interested in having EU server.

I’ve just submitted the idea to the ideaboard, so maybe it will get more traction and hopefully soon implemented: https://bubble.io/ideaboard?idea=1674205875334x850150958591115300

Anyone interested in this topic, please share the link with everyone so we can get as much people as possible.

Thanks a lot to all of you.


Hey there,

If you’re interested in using Bubble with EU servers, please upvote on https://bubble.io/ideaboard?idea=1674205875334x850150958591115300.

Hopefully we get some traction and Bubble team will prioritize this functionality.

Have a good day everyone!


Just a quick reminder : EU is not the only place we’d like bubble aws instances… :wink: the request is more like “worldwide bubble servers” :slight_smile: