Bubble app on Europe (EU) server located

Still waiting for a server in the EU.

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I recommend you to take a look at Backendless for EU servers

Hi Bubble

Still waiting. It would be the most awesome of awesomeness to have an option to deploy a pro or production plan to a EU-hosting.

  1. speed is going to be better
  2. GDPR and all that keep data in EU thingy gets easier to explain to clients.

same here :frowning: also waiting for this

Seems that Bubble has some kind of plan for the future of this but as you can see I opened this topic in October 2016 and no update from Bubble since the last replies from the team.

Hopefully they´ll do something soon because indeed it would be super awesome. Less latency, more speed, less concerns about GDPR, etc.

Let´s keep our fingers crossed. I trust Bubble team deeply, so at some point we will have great news :grinning: from them.

Maybe @josh and @emmanuel can tell us something?

Thanks a lot for listening!

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If you need help, I’d love to get you set up on xano for your backend to support your bubble frontend!


@nick.carroll, do you know of any plans to allow hosting Bubble-apps on EU-servers?

The got some EU Hosting plans but they start from 1000 dollars a month.

What would the price for this be, and how is it executed?

Same issues here, and desperately waiting for Bubble team to at least react here. Would it be an idea maybe to form an EU startup cluster that shares the costs of an EU-based Bubble plan? I mean if such a plan allows for limitless apps on it… ??

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BTW, just found this page (thanks to an earlier post in this thread): Bubble.io Database and Scalable Codeless Backend For Your App

If Bubble won’t react to this issue, this might be the only alternative, but it’s kind of a weird thing when all Bubble would have to do is allowing paid plans to pick their own AWS-locations…


I would join in to have a bubble euro cluster.

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Anyone wanna chat about alternatives here, hmu!

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Hi jared. Thank you for the info on Xano. I’ve set it up as my new backend, Works great.

Anyone interested in a gdpr bubble proofing solution


Looks like there is still no response to establishing some servers in the Frankfurt datacenter.

Idea: Could Bubble be a facilitator for people joining forces and sharing a dedicated solution? If Bubble could get maybe 5-10 users to sign up for a dedicated solution, then they could go ahead and deploy that dedicated server and move our apps etc. ?

Now, I don’t know the power of a dedicated solution and how many should be able to share it, but i’m guessing that sharing the costs helps a great deal and having bubble to manage it it worth the overhead, instead of having to shell out for a dedicated solution on your own.

**Better idea: ** Bubble established a farm in Frankfurt and the users can select their hosting location on sign-up for each app.

This issue seems to have been a topic for the last 5+ years. I get that it’s not something that is to be taken lightly, but it still looks like a lot of customers are waiting for this. I know that I would sign up for 2 subscriptions in EU tomorrow, if the option was available. I hope it will be soon.


Hey friends on this threat, look what @josh posted:


This is amazing. I do belive that bubble will pick up a lot more business by having european hosting opportunities. So looking forward to see when this is implemented.


waiting for this too !

Hi @ryanck

I just had a meeting with sales the other day. Got qouted $3.500,- a month for dedicated hosting in Frankfurt.

That is an option I need somewhere down the road, but it’s long way from the $400-500 ish a good shared hosting plan can deliver.

I hope that @josh can shed some light to the roadmap for global hosting. But from my understanding, it’s not as close as we might hope.