Bubble app POOR SPEED due to CloudFront? Let's clarify forever!

Hi all,

I know that this major issue has already been raised a couple of times. I red a lot on this issue. However, it seems that it is not clear how to solve this FOREVER.

I red some posts telling that it is due to some plugins. Maybe, but our apps cannot survive without any plugin, right?

Does someone have clear root causes for this issue and mitigation actions?

I am now considering leaving Bubble for this reason and I am very sad of that.

Thanks a lot for your assistance !!!

Note: have a look at my speed insight results :frowning:

I would like to know as well the real gain of the “Personal plan” over the “Free” and of the “Professional plan” over “Personal”. This low loading time happens in every plan? Upgrade is an option?

Paying 139 usd / month and have ridiculous speed perf
Crazy …

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