Is Bubble faster now?

I think I’m noticing a faster loading speed since the last pricing change from Bubble. Are you guys noticing this too? Average loading speed is 2-4 seconds from my side. Still slow but much faster than 4-7 seconds.


Yeah I’ve noticed too

@nocodeventure @jamesbond

I was just wondering, did you just run these tests on a legacy plan?

Free plan seems faster.

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Thanks for the answer.

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Faster with a price. HUGE price.

@eren I’m seeing faster speeds on both personal and professional legacy plans.

Similar to @nocodeventure. 5-7 seconds down to between 1-2 seconds.

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Thanks for answer. @eli This is a pretty good performance boost.:clinking_glasses:

And did you get a chance to compare legacy and a new plan type? Is there any performance difference between them? :thinking:

It is a good boost. Enough I redid the timing on all of my loading screens and completely eliminated a couple of them that were questionable anyway.

As far as between legacy and the new plans, I have not been able to test that at all as I haven’t switched any plans over yet. The app I’m running on professional legacy has two added units so the pricing would be about the same to jump to the new professional. I would lose a unit of capacity but gain daily scheduled workflows so it may happen yet.

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Thank you.

I guess we’il wait a little longer to find out.

@neerja is there a difference between them?

Can you say something like that: New pro plan is faster than pro (legacy)

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I tested it on one of my live applications which happens to be on a personal plan. Loading speeds and workflow speeds have improved immensely.

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What’s weird is there is nothing specifically mentioned about this. Seems like they have just put more resources available on the cluster.

Positive thing is now we can build stuff and feel like a real app.

This was explained here

This applies to all apps on all plans (optimisations are always pushed to all apps). Now the new professional plan has more capacity that the legacy one so it’s also normal your apps will be faster on it