Bubble Apps editor on mobile device is not working at all!

Am I the only one that thinks the bubble apps editor is useless on mobile?

  • Hard to hit the login button
  • wont create new site
  • No response once you get to the editor

Anyone else agree???

I can’t imagine using the editor on a mobile device. What type of work are you trying to do on a phone?

AWS remote desktop is great if if you’re looking to be 100% mobile.

If you use chrome and also use a laptop/desktop for your everyday development, you could use chrome’s remote desktop. Of course if you’re looking to do the traditional remote desktop, you can set up logmein.com or teamviewer.com.

Of course @andrewgassen is right. Using it on a phone is challenging, but tablets work.

I’ve tried using it on mobile. I don’t recommend it at all. On a laptop or pc is so much easier and comfortable to use. i wouldn’t use the mobile version to be honest.