Use bubble on mobile

Hi there, I’ve been playing around with bubble since a few month (altough I’m a huge fan of hard and ugly code too) and I’ve even made a little money creating a website for a little start-up
What I was wondering now is : can I use the editor on my Android ? I have a very big screen, specialy bought for programming, and I think the no code editor would double my productivity (-:
(I’ve searched a lot on Google, but he doesn’t understand I want to create from an Android, not for an Android)

Since you are in possession of an Android tablet, I believe you are the best person to give an opinion on the topic. According to many, it is not the size of the screen that counts but rather the speed of the processor. The ipad is not ideal with Bubble but things can change.

Thanks for the quick reply (unlike me)
I’ve tested since, and it’s not really adequate… The speed wasn’t that much of a problem, but the “insert dynamic content” that only appear on mouse hover is a nightmare to open, and the keyboard opening/closing constantly, hiding essential part of the UI… I feel like there is a potential, do you think it would be hard to make a mobile version of the Bubble editor ?

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I’m pretty sure in the future it will be compatible to tablet.