Bubble Development on an iPad

Anyone tried developing on an iPad? I have found the best browser to use on an iPad is the Puffin Browser (http://www.puffinbrowser.com/).

It has a nice feature that includes a mouse. It is great for dragging and dropping and right-clicking on an iPad.

Here are a couple of screenshots of how I’ve got it configured.

Notice the mouse (you drag the mouse around the screen when you need it or you can use your finger (touch gesture) throughout most of the rest of Bubble configuration.

It takes some getting used to to navigate around. For example to drag an elements width or height you need to hold the mouse down on the little square and then drag.

Or to move around the screen in mobile friendly view, you should drag the top bar to get over to the right.

Note that the fonts don’t render quite right on this browser because it is running on a linux box (I think) and not all fonts are available (something to think about when choosing fonts. But it gives you an idea of what types of fonts are truly universal. Anyway, you can use a more universal font (Arial, for example) or you can test in safari at the same time to see how your app looks on a table (for example).

Anyone else tried this or have any tips?


Just an FYI, Puffin is not really a browser per se. Its a remote connection to a cloud computer and is running as sorta a proxy browser more akin to a remote desktop connection. There are privacy and security implications that you will need to consider if you use it.


Yes. Thanks for appending that info. I agree with that statement. I wouldn’t use it to check my bank statement, that’s for sure.

Thanks for posting this. Not being desk-bound while developing with Bubble is very appealing. Is there anything that simply can’t be done in Bubble using the native Safari browser?

See my recent comments here: Developing apps on a tablet

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I know it isn’t strictly a tablet … but Bubble development on a Chromebook works very well.

An android tablet, even with a keyboard, was not that great. Ok for occasion fixes, but somewhat frustrating.


Folks, I use bubble on my ipad pro using Amazon workspace client, works like a charm.



A hinge on my main laptop (Dell) has been broken for a while and it finally broke the WiFi antenna in the laptop. So I’m considering something new - especially portable, lightweight and good battery as I am usually on the move

@NigelG good to hear a Chromebook has been working well, what type of RAM and specs do you use?
I’m guessing you have used it with large Bubble apps and multiple Editors open?

Also @romanmg I noticed from the forums you were exploring some options and needed performance, curious if you went with a Chromebook or other?

I picked up the new iPad Pro (with Apple’s keyboard cover and the Pencil) a few weeks ago. It quickly became my primary computer (taking over from an 11" MacBook Air), but how drastic the transition is probably depends on what your current computer is.

Total weight with keyboard, pencil AND charger is just over 700g.

The keyboard is different at first, not having a touchpad/palm rest like a traditional laptop, but I’ve quickly come to prefer it vs my old keyboard.

Pencil is very helpful for selecting various things in Bubble. Some things are a bit difficult to select and this can seem inconsistent and frustrating at first, but once you start to understand how some of the touch targets are resized this fades away for the most part.

That said, I may try the AWS workspace that another user mentioned for a comparison to Safari.


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I have a Toshiba CB30-B-104 which has 4Gb RAM and a Celeron processor. Works well on even my largest pages.

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Using something like a Surface Pro should also work.
It might be more considered as a PC than a tablet but it is very lightweight I think.
As anyone tried it ? I was thinking of buying one and use it to develop bubble apps.

My main concern would be about resizing groups, moving items with good precision on so on. Do you achieve that with an iPad ? Even with mouse it is sometime quite long to achieve when you have amny elements and imbricated groups

I actually tried out a Chromebook for a while and Bubble was just fine with it, but I didn’t do anything too intensive. I actually wound up with an Acer Aspire E 15 with 8 GB of RAM - more because I needed it for video editing… so it handles Bubble like a charm. I’m interested in hearing more about tablet/pencil type solutions too…

Fellows, how do you scroll the page in the editor on an iPad Pro? I couldn’t figure it out

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The ASUS Flip Chromebooks are perfect for mobile bubble dev (http://amzn.to/2G9V3Sd). I bought the lower end model for about $250 am able to do almost anything bubble and it runs android apps. The chrome os apps aren’t as polished as desktop apps, but they’re free. Short of non-linear video editing and high-res print production, it’s been great.


I use my iPad to get away from my laptop and home office (dev from bed haha).

iPad Air + mesh-tipped stylus + iTeleport app (touchscreen mode) connected to my laptop running Bubble on Chrome on El Capitain.

Working so far… (Granted, I’ve not tested everything…and the top control bar takes a second to get used to.)

I’d love to hear from others who try this.