[MAJOR REGRESSION] Element disappearing in editor

At first I though it was a keyboard - chair problem but now I can confirm.

Some elements just suddently disappear from the editor. Erasing our work…
Luckily we deployed before so we can recover.
Elements are not dynamic :

  • Group
  • Text
  • Image
    Behavior seems random but this is a MAJOR BUG

LIVE : https://hackerhouse.paris/host_v2
TEST : https://hackerhouse.paris/version-test/host_v2


Hello @stephane,

Sorry to see this happening to your app! If you haven’t already done so, can you please file a bug report so that our team can investigate?

Thanks in advance!

This also happening to me

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I just did :slight_smile:

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@eve, I have seen so many posts about this EXACT same bug lately and so little clear communication from Bubble on the issue that it’s making me seriously question the platform’s reliability. I hate that, because your product has been a total revelation for me, and I am knee-deep in building my MVP on it. That said, I’m now facing issues with my workflow logic failing completely at random, and have not yet been able to resolve. Does your team plan to address these issues in a substantive, public way?

Thanks for your post! We most certainly understand and appreciate user concerns when it comes to behaviors like this, and are definitely working on addressing everything that has been reported. However, please keep in mind that a single symptom (such as disappearing elements) can have more than one underlying cause; our team relies on accurate and detailed bug reports from users in order to address these behaviors.

Regarding your request for this to be publicly addressed: please do check out this post from Allen. In addition to fixing ongoing bugs, our team is reworking our system to be more transparent for users.

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Thank you very much for the quick response. I do love Bubble. Just want to feel confident, and the consistency of these reports along with the mounting frequency is what has me unnerved. I should add that I filed a bug report last week and got a very quick response from Support. Still working to resolve, but have been pleased with the quality of support thus far. :pray:


Ok this happened to me again: just erased 8 hours of work.

I suspect doing multiple times Undo reverting to a stale version of the app…
Can’t reproduce exactly the behavior.

I am having major issues across multiple apps right now. Unable to use a list of numbers as datasource in repeating group. Side menu scrollbars are not working…issues with repeating group go to next, go to page commands…lots of things.

Yes, I´m having issues too.

What´s going on?

I’m having problems also. Elements that I added this morning do not show up in Preview mode. Buttons, dropdown boxes, etc.

Sorry about this, we’d really like to track this down. You’re saying you pressed undo multiple times and got to this weird state? Did others experience the same?

If you use version control, you should be able to get back to a stable version.

I have noticed the same thing, here are some things that have helped me prevent this from happening:

  1. Don’t open multiple tabs of the bubble editor. Just use one.
  2. Don’t use the Command-C (Ctrl-C) and (Command-V) Ctrl-V to copy and paste.

I notice that this sort of thing happened to me a lot when I would do those things. Once I stopped doing that then the Bubble editor was more reliable.

Want to learn more?



Hope that helps a little bit!

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Yes exactly, some elements come page come back to a weird state : some elements reverts some not.

I’m just lucky to have deployed in live and manually copy-paste elements back to dev and make a save point

We just fixed an issue in some code we rolled out this morning that may have caused at least some of the problems you’re seeing. For things that started this morning, that was likely the cause


@eve @emmanuel @josh Could it be that the issues I’m currently experiencing with getting a blank screen when I try to preview an app (development version, not production) are tied to what’s been going on this morning or the fix? It’s been happening intermittently for about 30 min now. I’ve also been getting some CloudFlare errors, so it might be on their end, too. It works right now.

I had a similar experience a coupple days ago in one of my apps.
I remember I was trying to build a different logic that didn’t work as I expected so I ran a bunch of undos and ended up with 150 error messages in my app, which were caused by unexpected elements appearing/disappearing.
At the time, I also believed it was something on me so I didn’t file a bug report.

I had an issue with pages getting deleted when pressing undo, and then some other pages getting deleted when pressing the redo button.

I sent an email to support on April 22nd, unfortunately I didn’t submit a bug report to provide a number.

Last I heard was on April 23rd that an engineer would be looking into it.

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