Need some advice 'before jumping all in'

I’m pretty new to bubble and I want to figure out if I’m getting started with the right no-code app before immersing me too deeply.

Is it possible to make an app with bubble where you sign up various organisations, and those organisations have unique users?

Yes, of course! It’s all about your database design. You’d create an ‘organisation’ data type with a list of users inside, which correspond to the users that belong to that organisation.


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Yes it’s very possible.

In my app, the organizations are “Companies”, each user is tied back to their respective companies, and all data searches/displays only reference the current user’s companies.

I’ve also created 2 ways for them to create users, one of which is an “Admin” signs the user up so it receives the correct company info, two is when a company is created it generates a link so they can send it to users, so when they go to that page the correct company info is passed on when they sign up.

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Thank you - Just the answer I was hoping for…

@bcart0v Another question Slightly in the same line.
Is it possible to make an app where there essentially there are sender and a receiver of data.

Fx Customer manipulates some data in his dashboard sends a PO in app to a supplier who manipulates the data on his end?

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If you’re saying that one user can create something and someone else edits it then yes it’s possible.

You can either set securities inside the app or add Yes/no conditions to the user and have the workflows run based off the correct yes/no conditions.