Bubble Coaching Marketplace Announcement

HI @ethanreeder , a few days ago I applied to the Coaching Marketplace since I have just launched a Bubble coaching service in Italy (https://www.senzacodice.it) and I would like to be listed as an official coach too. But I did not get any feedback. Is the program still in place ? Is it possibile to talk with someone (maybe you) responsible for the addition to the coach list ? I appreciate your help. Thanks. Stefano

hey there - I’ve scheduled a coaching session, but received zero info about how to meet up, and the session is in 9 hours (6am my time). I’d now like to cancel because this has been a big hassle, but I have no way to contact the coach or to edit/cancel/reschedule the session. I emailed Bubble support a few hours ago, I’m waiting to hear back. I was assuming I would get an email about connecting, but again - nothing. Bubble folks - I’m not going to get up at 5:30 in the morning to await an email that may or may not be coming for a meeting about which the coach may or may not know,… please don’t charge me.

This was a great idea, I wish it worked.

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UPDATE (5/28/2021): Met with Peter Nilsson, had a productive intro discussion, and I’m booked to meet with him on Tuesday morning to step through one of the API calls I’ve been wrestling with. Bubble’s Zoom connection was surprisingly zippy (bc of Pro account?). Many thanks to Peter’s, Ethan’s and Bubble Support’s quick responses, much appreciated.

Which coach did you book with?

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Hey jdubbya - I’m sorry that you’ve had a frustrating experience. First off, we’ll make sure that you’re not charged. You should have received an email when you booked the session, but if that was not the case I’ll make sure to look into it. I’ll send you an email directly to make sure I’m resolving the issue!

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Same here - applied several times and no answers for months…

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Hey Stefano - thanks for your comment. We received quite a lot of interest, and unfortunately, it was not possible for us to interview everyone due to volume. I appreciate the interest, and I will look into your application and follow up.

Hi Stephane - thank you also for the interested! Just to reiterate what I just posted, it’s unfortunately not possible for us to address each application due to the volume we received, but I will look into your application and follow up as well.

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Same here, I also did not get any answer