Calling all marketplace experts

After messaging Emmanuel on twitter he encouraged me to ask this to this forum so here we go:

I’m new to Bubble and looking to build a coaching marketplace. I’d love to see if anyone has any experience, advice, or could offer freelance help.


  • Coaching Marketplace: Students can purchase lessons/instruction in three forms:
  1. Student buys a lesson, submits a video, then the coach sends back a video with detailed analysis and tips
  2. Student buys a coaches video course, e-book, pdf, etc.
  3. Student purchases a subscription to that coach (Ex. Pay $250 a month for unlimited access to the coach — send videos, chat, get all there content)
  4. (Post MVP) — Student can sign up for a live on-demand lesson

Extras: Partnering with e-commerce to sale products from the site

I look forward to seeing if this is possible to build!

Hey :wave: Welcome to Bubble!

I offer tutoring sessions for Bubble and would be happy to help you work on your project if this is something you are looking to build for yourself. If you are interested you can check out my site at and schedule a session.

Those things are very possible in Bubble. I could teach you how to do it. :+1:

Hope I can help you out!

Hope this was helpful! :blush:

Jason - NoCodeMinute Founder

Awesome, thanks! I’ll check it out

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