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Bubble community poll

Hey guys - with the growth in the Bubble ecosystem, I thought it would be a helpful for the community to get a better sense for its composition. To do so, I created a simple four-question poll below. The results should be visible to everyone. Thanks!

  1. How are you looking to use Bubble?
  • My own startup
  • New technology to add to my custom development business or other service company
  • Using Bubble to make an app for a company that I’m employed by
  • Here to build my own startup, but also interested in joining a team that is building a product/service around Bubble
  • Interested in freelance or part-time opportunities as a Bubble developer
  • Interested in full-time job opportunities as a Bubble developer
  • Interested in opportunities to complement the development process (e.g. designers, product managers, marketers)

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  1. What’s your professional background?
  • Developer
  • Sales
  • Product
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Student
  • Other

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  1. Years of Experience
  • 0-2
  • 3-5
  • 6-10
  • 11-24
  • 25+

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  1. Industry Experience
  • Accounting/Consulting/Investing
  • Technology
  • Hospitality
  • Real Estate
  • Design/Arts
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Publishing/Entertainment
  • Events
  • Media/Advertising
  • Government
  • Transportation/Logistics
  • Other

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Good response so far. I wanted to add two additional questions which will dually help to make us all more knowledgeable and also get this post back to the front page! Let’s get this to 100 responses!

What’s your Bubble skill level currently (unofficial benchmarking below)?

  • Beginner: have watched some tutorials, re-built a simple app, comfortable with basic element usage, appearance and animations)
  • Intermediate: beginner + understanding of custom states, custom events, complex workflows, responsive mobile editor and plugin usage).
  • Advanced: intermediate + understanding of API connectors, experience building native mobile apps, multiple database architecture approaches, could take a set of wireframes and user stories and know how to build the app from beginning to end with Bubble).
  • Advanced + coding: advanced plus able to open up Bubble’s core capabilities with custom scripts

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If you’re working on your own start-up, what’s your work-Bubble relationship?

  • I am using Bubble to build my start-up on the side of my full-time job
  • I am working on my startup full-time and am using Bubble to build most/all of the technology

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