Bubble connects Hardware Devices

Hi all;
Do you have any experience using bubble to connect hardware devices?
Scanner, camera, printer, face recognition, fingerprint …

Yes. You can.

Do you have an example? or best practice?

I don’t have an example personally, but it’s your basic IoT. If you need help with the API connector I can help.

You’ve got two main options for controlling hardware through a web app like Bubble:

  1. If the hardware has its own internet connection and its manufacturer has an API, then you can easily control it through Bubble’s API Connector plugin.

  2. If the hardware is connected to the computer through USB or serial port, then you’ll need some extra software installed locally on the user’s computer to bridge the gap between the browser and the hardware.

By very intentional design, web apps in your browser are not able to commandeer your computer’s hardware and peripheral devices like software installed on your desktop can. That would be a security nightmare!

One sort of in-between option would be to use Chrome’s WebUSB API which was created to allow you to safely expose USB devices to specific web apps, but I imagine this would require far more coding than most Bubble users would want.

Is there something specific you’re looking for help with, @tkamal?

thanks, @BrianHenderson
I appreciate your reply
actually, I’m investigating creating two new Applications one of them HR attendance that will connect fingerprint and face recognition by the camera
second is IoT and how to control the air condition and lighting lamps hours use

I found this plug in the search

Liveness & Biometrics Check
Liveness & Biometrics Check Plugin | Bubble