Bubble Crashing a lot?

Is it just me or does Bubble seem to be crashing a lot lately?

Full discloure, I love Bubble! Just frustrated.


Yup, noticed it too

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https://status.bubble.io/ very useful to subscribe to


Yeah it feels like a lot. My business relies heavily on bubble now for operations and every time this happens, we’re just dead in the water.
I love bubble too but this is rough.

Someone asked before, would upgrading to the private server option solve this? Are there any options?

Private Server would solve this problem. You get to choose updates.

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Thats not an option yet is it?

They are and very good for scaling, but I will let @eve explain

Hey folks!

We should be back up and running from this most recent downtime; ping us at support@bubble.io if you’re still seeing issues.

Regarding the downtime: there’s a lot of work that we’re doing on the back-end right now that’s proving to be very finicky: ultimately and once completed, this work will allow us to get the main environment a lot more stable overall and have multiple Bubble “clusters”, but in the meantime we’re stumbling into downtimes such as the one we just experienced.

Dedicated instances are separate from the main Bubble cluster, and generally do not see these downtimes (thanks @wegetdesign for the tag!)


Thanks for the update. Does the professional get you a dedicated instance?

Thanks for touching base Eve! I’m glad to hear that the downtime are a result of work being done on the back end to ultimately improve performance. I’ll keep that dedicated instance in mind but it doesn’t sound necessary based on what you said.

This is what I see 10 minutes after your post…prior to that it was listed as a partial outage…seems to have gotten more severe.

However, my apps have finally been able to load on the homepage now.

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This definitely categorizes as a crazy morning :joy:

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To get a dedicated instance you’d have to contact Bubble. The dedicated plans, last I checked was about $1,000 a month. @eve can you confirm that?

@eve, I also noticed that the incident report claims there were ‘dropped requests’.

Does this mean some end users could have corrupted / orphaned data?
I need to know how much damage control and investigation into my own Users’ data I need to do


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@eve maybe better worded as;

Do dropped requests mean that during the time that Bubble was having issues, my end users could have initiated a workflow and some but not all of the actions in that work flow executed?

And, for actions that executed, could they have had empty data fields/not found data fields when saving data or evaluating conditions?


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