Bubble Price Plan and Service availability / stability


One of my Apps is currently running on the personal plan (29€/month) and since we are experiencing quite a few incidents (notably today) that make the app unavailable and a very poor experience for my users I was wondering if upgrading to the plan above mine - Professional (115$) - would somehow prevent that sort of issues and unavailability (for instance using clusters with failover…)? Make my App more robust? Does anyone have the answer cc @emmanuel ?

Furthermore, since I am at it, I have one suggestion with regard to incidents management (which has improved in the past few months I must say) : I am literally being spamed with status notifications (especially today) with a succession of “New Incident” almost immediately followed by “Incident Resolved” … whereas it clearly appears that the incident is clearly still going on and definitely not resolved. So my suggestion is that you (Bubble) can pause those Status Notifications whenever such an incident occurs (you’ll save our mailboxes AND the planet by sparring a few thousands emails…)

Looking forward to reading you.

The only way to prevent is having dedicated plan that are not affordable.
Pro and prod plan give your reserved unit capacity, but not dedicated server


+1 to Jici.
We are running dedicated and have been shielded from the bulk of today’s issues. The only issues we’ve noticed is a slight slowdown in editor speed and file uploads being a tad slower.
The dedicated plan is definitely not feasible for individual users/very small businesses.


this is great to hear, I was thinking of moving there if it shields our customers from this issue

I’ll advocate for it if your company can justify the expense.
-Having a person on the bubble team ready to help with any problems, bubble side, development side, literally any issue. The insight into best practices and solutions to problems is fantastic
-Being shielded from these issues on the main cluster
-Having insight into new feature releases/being a part of Betas automatically
-They said we wouldn’t notice a speed increase when switching to dedicated, however, our users can definitely tell a difference (don’t hold me to that)

Overall, it has been a great investment. Would recommend.


I think there are few dependencies which arises from the main bubble cluster even if someone is in dedicated plan, isn’t?

Thanks for the details.
Have you noticed any incidents that affected your dedicated app before?
Just curious how much dedicated apps are shielded from incidents

I think there are some services that are handled on the main cluster. I can’t talk much to them though, as it’s something we are currently inquiring to. For example, even though file uploads worked, it took noticeably longer. Alongside that, editor speed will sometimes be impacted when these main cluster problems happen, however, it did not bring us to a standstill.

To add on to this: All of our versions, including production were still able to run workflows, scheduled and otherwise. No noticeable changes in overall speed besides what’s noted above.

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Thanks for the response Clay! That’s excellent information. How long have you been on it? What made you switch?

makes me think if our custom plugins we made are hosted on the main cluster… which is where the editor is hosted

We made the switch in January. The idea was, in cases like this where the main cluster has issues, we wanted to be as isolated as possible to avoid impacts to the company. Because we have external users as well as internal systems running through Bubble, we needed to be able to run our business in cases like today.
Also, making the investment in Bubble definitely played a part. We believe in the community and environment.

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Another impact we are seeing:
User authentication is ran through the main cluster. Because a few of us are already signed into Bubble, we are able to get into our editor just fine, however, one of the devs is logged out and having troubles logging into their Bubble account.

Can’t win em all, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Send 'em on a mandatory walk!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on dedicated, @clay.a It’s very helpful! We’re considering the switch to dedicated, too. Our app’s currently doing 3 million workflows a month and maxed out on the Production plan so it may just be time to move over as we’ve grown. Several hundred businesses depend on us so isolation and performance are growing priorities.

The Bubble salesperson made it sound like the transition process to dedicated hosting was very streamlined these days. What was your experience with the actual transfer itself?

I would assume that the bubble editor runs on the main cluster even on a dedicated hosting plan, is that not the case?

The process was extremely smooth. We only had one hang up with a plugin that didn’t make it over, however, the individual handling our migration fixed it within 5 minutes. Other than that, there was 0 downtime in prod, and maybe 2 hours where we didn’t use the editor at all (to avoid losing changes).


The editor itself is also ran on the dedicated instance. It’s pretty slick, actually.

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LOL, I just tried to go to the pricing page to figure out what this actually costs + when/if I could make a case for it to my CEO, but of course…the pricing page is down also.

Fortunately these outages are (so far) fairly rare.

I don’t think they have dedicated pricing listed on the pricing page, there may be some info about it elsewhere on the forums. I’m not able to share pricing info, however, definitely schedule some time with the sales team and hear their pitch, they’re wonderful folks.

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Thanks for your advice. Can you give me an order of magnitude with regard to the price of the dedicated server ? The starting point / price of course since I understand that it’s custom and therefore tailored to each client’s needs…