Bubble Database Views

@bubbleadmin - Don’t know if this is the right tag, but for the love of Pete you all are some of the smartest people on the planet, this platform is incredible, and you can’t figure out how to not change my backend database view every time the data refreshes? “Run as” is 200 pixels wide and my “About” section is 10? First name is the third tab, last name is the tenth? That makes no sense.

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You can stretch those to fit your own needs…it is not fixed in stone…grab the right side of one of the columns and stretch or contract.

“…it is not fixed in stone…” is the problem. I know how to resize and reorganize, I don’t want to do it every single time I want to look at the list I’ve created.

Yeah…it is a bit janky. Not only does it not save, but it also gets applied to all other data types as well which is not wanted. Another issue with database views is that changing the fields shown creates the ‘modified’ view which is not very intuitative.

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