Database columns – how to save reordering and resizing?

In the database viewer I have several fields with tons of data, which (as you can see) stretch down the row and make the viewer hard to navigate.

I learned from this old post how the columns can be reordered and resized, which is great. However, when the page is refreshed, these changes are lost.

Is there really no way to save the column reordering and resizing? I must be missing something…why would Bubble build these tools but not enable the changes to be saved?

Is there a plugin that can achieve this? I’d rather not have to build my own admin page if possible :frowning:

Create a view

Thanks @cmarchan but creating a view only allows for selecting which columns are included, and which column to sort the view by.

It’s great that those settings can be saved, but I still don’t see how to save settings for column ordering and width.

Don’t forget that you can also filter.

As for the functionality that you kindly describe Bubble does not offer it as of yet.