Bubble editor becoming very slow even causing chrome to freeze


We have been noticing over the past couple weeks and especially in the past few days the bubble editor is very slow and sometime Chrome even freezes.

This is especially noticeable when clicking the button to view a workflow from an element on the editor.

Here is a short video of what we are experiencing:

There doesn’t seem to be anything in the network tab when inspecting the editor while working that is hanging. This is happening to multiple of my colleagues as well who are working here too.

Has anyone else been experiencing something similar?


Yes, same experience, you should report this bug.

Are you using the page type of “Row” (i.e. the new responsive engine)?

What I found was that when I switched to page type as “Fixed” the slowness immediately went away and when I switched to the page layout is row it came back. Nothing in the network tab, the browser did show the warning about consuming a lot of memory.

Oh really. We are using the new responsive engine on this page. I will test this. Thanks.

This is a common issue. Something with cache I guess… Just close and open your browser again.

It acts like and alert to tell me I am Bubbleling a lot and I need a break :rofl:

That seemed to not have an effect so the root issue I believe is something else here. Thank you.

Thanks, it still seems to freeze up especially when a couple editor windows are open at once. Dialing back a bit to one tab helps, but I am wondering if there is a bug somewhere that is causing the slow down for this app (as it affects everyone who opens this app).

I reached out to Bubble support directly too. So I should update here if they come back with a solution.

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