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[SOLVED] Currently having freezing issues with my bubble editor

Anyone else having problems? It’s like the system is hanging while I’m in the editor.

I think it may only be happening on Google Chrome. Firefox and Edge appear to be ok.

After the editor loads it freezes.

Can you email support?

Email sent. It also seems that there are other issues going on. When I click a certain events in workflow they are not showing the actions. This was performed in Firefox since Chrome was not really working.

resetting your cookies will usually fix these problems in chrome

Yeah, that was my first step in troubleshooting, I also disabled the ad block extensions I run.

Thats odd. Im building on chrome as we speak and having no issues. I have my ad blocker turned on. Cant think of what else it might be. restart your computer maybe? lol

I’ve checked on two computers, something must have gotten messed up on my Bubble. Will wait for Support to review.

I have been having this issue consistently over the past few days in Chrome. Did anyone figure out what is causing it?

It’s very likely a different reason, 4 months later. If you have a reliable way to reproduce pleas file a bug report.

I haven’t figured out a reliable cause, but have also been experiencing freezing/sluggishness over the past few days. Just reset cookies and turned off ad blockers as Kfawcett did.

I’ve also been experiencing frequent logouts (roughly every hour or 2. @Bradluffy have you experienced this as well?

Yes, you’re using Google for sign up right? We’re pushing a fix now, should be live in a bit.

Correct. Appreciate it!

Confirming that I am seeing similar issues as well (frequent logouts, general sluggishness, page freezes).

For freezes, the page itself still responds to mouse-overs of elements. But when I click on an element, it doesn’t select and the editor does not appear. (I’m troubleshooting to see if this happens as a result of my doing something goofy on pages where responsive rendering is enabled).

For consideration:

  • Likely not the issue, but I’m using a Gmail account via a Google Apps account (ie. private domain, not for login.
  • Primary browser: Chrome Version 51.0.2704.103 (64-bit)…but seeing issues in Firefox as well.

Seem the same behavior recently. Chrome, latest version.

The logging out issue should be fixed. For the editor being slow, what would very helpful is a way to reproduce

Several levels of Undo seems to trigger it. Not very scientific I know.

Not a freeze, but the issue that no elements are selectable any more. A refresh brings it back.

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Also, what works for me is just loading up another page, and then loading up the page I was working on (which froze): I tend to select a lightweight page, so it loads quicker.

I could not identify or isolate whatever it is that causes this semi-freezing, as described above by @dan1. I’m using Windows 7 64-bit, Chrome, latest version.

@emmanuel: This morning, I noticed that logging out behaviour restarted. As far as I could identify, I was automatically logged out every hour, once again. When logging in, using my Google account, however, I was not prompted with the “offline access” confirmation prompt.

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I have noticed the freezing as of late.

I have also been experiencing the undo causing elements to not be selectable, unless you refresh.

The original issue that prompted in the creation of this post had to do with some type of issue in the code for my app. I’m not sure what the Bubble team did to fix it, but it was specific only to my app at the time.