Bubble Editor cannot load for hours (Bubble Status doesn't report editor outage?)

Does the Bubble Status page report when the editor is no longer functioning? The editor was either extremely slow or couldn’t load for the past couple days - I’m currently in a crunch and can’t deliver features on the agreed upon delivery date & there’s nothing I can do - the Bubble Status page doesn’t even reflect editor outage for clients to understand

Have you tried a different browser to test if it’s a browser issue? If you have no alternative browser have you tried clearing your cache or running in incognito mode?

I’ve been working on an app for the last few hours with no issues.

@ihsanzainal84 Thanks for the response. I manage each different client on a different chrome profile for organization. All of them seem to not work at the moment. Tried clearing cache as well, after a long loading time, the editor loads but any changes made triggers a timeout

I’m having the same problem too. It was fine a couple of hours back, but it doesn’t load now. Been going on since yesterday.

That really sucks. Have you reached out to support yet?

It’s back to normal now for me, but rather inconsistent. Because it’s inconsistent, it’s hard to contact support since they’d only get back with generic response. It would be great if Bubble added editor outage to their Bubble status for transparency