Bubble editor frequently auto-reloading

Since february my bubble editor is auto-reloading.

I already asked for help here but nobody is having the same issue… But I need some light on this, some ideas.

I catched up this moment at a video and put link down here.

Its seems something about memory, because it happens, most of the times, when I navigate between design, workflows and data tabs.

What I’ve done:
Cleared all caches from windows and navigators (does happen on Edge and Chrome)
Testes on 2 different apps (does happen on both)
Tried to close a lot of aplications opened on windows.
Increased my laptop ram to 16gb (was 12gb) and I berely reach 10gb.

Im avoiding reset Windows, but if I cant get an insight here this will be my next move.

Thanks !

If you want to eliminate Windows as the source of your issue, you might want to spin up an instance of a Linux Live Distro and see if you have the same problem when you run it in Linux. If you have a USB drive with 16GB you could test it out on the same machine by booting from the USB port.

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