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Bubble Editor Ideas and Suggestions

Having a way to quickly identity elements that are overlapping, for example by showing their borders in red when a button is held down or a setting activated.

On big SPA’s, two out of 100 groups overlapping by a single pixel can wreak havoc. Would be a timesaver to be able to spot them quickly :heart_eyes:


An addition for simultaneously edit multiple elements:

Change ‘fixed width’ and ‘minimum width’ of multiple elements.

When making a whole page responsive with a lot of text elements would be easier if we can change this setting all at once.


Thank you so much for the awesome suggestions, @zelus_pudding, @petter, and @klaas.vanhoeck1! :slight_smile: :raised_hands: Your suggestions were added as numbers 50-52!

Has been implemented. Great!


Make Clear all reset to an empty field, instead of …edit me…

2020-03-19_09-51-30 (1)


Reading through, lots of great ideas here…Bubble dreams :star_struck:

I have a few ideas scattered together in this thread here that I think could be of some use to others as well:

But I’d really like to see the ability to add comments on a condition basis. So on a element that has many conditions, we can add a specific comment to the condition (not the whole element) with regards to its functionality. Granted its quite a niche request, but I’ve found a few times using a series of complex conditions and coming back to it, being puzzled. Commenting on the element works, but bit cumbersome, especially if the order changes.



Without parenthesis available, this would be amazing if implemented :+1:


Awesome! :partying_face: Thanks for catching that that one was implemented, @Jici! :tada:

And thank you so much for the great suggestions, @petter and @luke2! I’ve added them as #53 and #54! :slight_smile:

Bubble based editor zoom hotkeys! Trying to get the right zoom percentage in the grid list is repetitive. Check Figma’s functionality for how easy it is to zoom in an out with a scroller :slight_smile:


Suggestion: Ability to “show” hidden elements in the editor by default - Even if they are not visible on page load.

We all know that hiding an element then showing when you need to is a great performance gain for your Bubble app - But it makes things clunky when you’re using the editor. Each time you load a page to edit that has hidden elements on page load, the element is invisible - Leading to large blank spaces on your editor page - Requiring you to manually un-hide each time.

For SPA apps, it’s a killer if you have 25 hidden groups on a page.

My Recommendation:

Example 1:


AFTER (put an overlay on top of hidden elements, so when you open up a new page, you can SEE what all hidden elements you have without having to click into each one):

Example 2:

BEFORE: (Notice it’s just a large blank expanse…)


How would it be done?

Make it an option in the Grids and Border menu - “Outline hidden elements”:


  1. This would not apply to popups/floating groups. Recommendation is to start with groups/repeating groups first.

  2. Clicking on the eye icon at the top left of the outline would unhide it so you can rapidly edit right there.

This idea was brought to you by a co-worker who was tired of working on MVPs with me and going to pages with 10 hidden elements (for maximum performance) and wondering where the heck they needed to make changes! :slight_smile:


I completely agree!
If I can add my two cents, I often use overlay and collapsing groups in the same SPA. Having all hiddens to be visible would mean hiding a bunch of elements on editor load…

I suggest that the last visibility state should be used instead, so when I do an editor page refresh, we would find the displaying in the same state than before.

By the way congrats on the clear “fake-screenshots”! :slightly_smiling_face:


Not sure if someone suggested, but it would be awesome to have the ability to duplicate one data entry (this is cool when you need to test RG with more data instead of creating one by one).


Thanks so much for the awesome suggestions, @aloecf,, @julienallard1, and @yusaney1! They’re now on the list as items 55 through 58! :slight_smile:

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Time to whip out the Jira backlog and start prioritizing :joy::sob: I actually saw on spotify’s product board they allow users to vote on epics to help suggest prioritizing improvements.

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Hi! So this is something I posted about on the forum, but would be great to implement. From a design perspective, setting up grids/gutters/margins are important for best design practice. Right now Margins are not able to be set so the left one is always 12px. Can we implement something to change the default margin for that left column?

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+1 56 and 57

I unhide a bunch of elements in the editor. When I go to edit a re-usable element, then the group I unhide in my index is hidden again. Very annoying!

Updated: reported it as a bug

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I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but if you’re like me, “:defaulting to” is so useful for dealing with empty text values. Maybe having it for dates, or even numbers would often be useful as well.


Yea, 56 is the biggest one for me productivity wise. I deal with many pages on my apps - So to go from one page to another w/ many hidden elements, I spend too much clicking un-hide and “show all children”.


“Show all children” <- Honestly forgot about this option and/or was overlooking it, so thanks for mentioning it :pray: . Screenshotted below for fellow n00bs like me

Also another update – Bubble support replied to my bug report on this and stated : “Regarding the element tree and the user interface in general, we are hard at work totally revamping the Bubble editor. The new version should be launched in beta by the end of the year.”

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Nice! Well now I have a big reason to be excited about the new editor :slight_smile: Thanks @varshneyandson