Bubble Email Limitations

I am aware that Bubbl’s native “Send Email” action makes use of SendGrid (an email management software/app) and they have noted in the Bubble documents that each email can only be sent out to a MAXIMUM of 50 emails:

Here is the link to the documents: link
Here are my questions with regards to Bubble:

  1. I want to use MULTIPLE Senders so my users can send out emails with their own domain/emails. I know that SendGrid limits the number of unique Senders to 100. Does Bubble also limit each app to be able to only specify 100 unique Senders?
  2. Is there a way to get statistics for the emails I have sent out THROUGH Bubble by using their native “Send Email” action? i.e. Is there a “Get email statistics” action where I can track how many opens/clicks each email has gathered? I want to know if this can be done using pure vanilla Bubble actions. If not, must I use SendGrid API linked to my own account?

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