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Bubble Email Send Limit

Is there a limit to the amount of emails that can be sent out per min/hour/day or anything?

If you’re using Sendgrid it’s a question for them.

What about the standard “send email” action though?

Basically i want to notify about 500-1000 users when a new Thing has been created.

There are limits with SendGrid, according to their API (v3) you can also check what rate limit allowance you have left for the current refresh period;

Also, there are a couple of other limits mentioned in the documentation;

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Thanks for this.

But does the standard Bubble Action to ‘send email’ utilize Sendgrid and therefore fall under these limits?

The real question is, do you want to have the email come from (or bubbleapps)? If the answer is No, then use SendGrid, or a.n.other via your own api workflow integration.

As for for what limits exits using the bare bubble implementation, I sent a ‘confirm email’ to myself then looked at the email header, it came from AmazonSES services, and yes there are limits on that as well, which appear to be more restricted than sendgrid (in the sandbox at least, but you can move out of this and lift limits on request). Read all about it here:


I’d also like to know the best way to send emails via the built-in email function. If I have to notify 1000 people, is it best to do it in batches of 10? 20? 100? Do dayparts matter?
At what threshold would I be better served with another API like Mailchimp?


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