Bubble email validator plugin still flagging real email addresses as fake

Plugin seems unusable because real addresses return errors, e.g. a popular email service in germany gmx.net.

Any ideas how to fix that?

Someone posted the an issue related to this a few months back. (It was a European email that was having issues - I believe it was also German, but I can’t locate the specific thread at the moment).

There may be a bug with the plugin itself and worth trying a different email validation service.

I have seen some Hotmail and Outlook addresses to be wrongly returned as invalid by this plugin. Anyone else observed a similar trend?


Hey @rafiimran :wave:

Yeah. It’s been like that for a while. I use a different email verification instead. I send the user a code that they have to enter to create an account. The plugin is definitely not reliable, not sure if they are even planning on fixing it. I wish they would just deprecate it since it doesn’t work.

Hope that helps! :blush:

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I stil have this problem today in May, 2021. Someone have a similar alternative for validate emails before register?

Hi, I use this plugin (I built it). It suits my purposes because it doesn’t go off to any third party service, but makes the tests from within Bubble, and I can see why the validation fails, and make a judgement of the risk for that address.

Perhaps you could test out the email addresses you are finding problematic on this support site. If you get some false positives I can investigate what is going wrong. It helps everyone to improve it’s accuracy.


Looking at that domain I see a timeout trying to connect to the SMTP servers. I guess this is some sort of network traffic control on their email servers?


It could be a good solution, but not is real time response as native bubble. So I found another solution simpler using extract regex to check “@” and “.”

If anyone need, check in this article: