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Hello, I need a simple web app with the events list where users are able to sign up to the event. and with a back-end where admin can view the list of the users for each event.

thank you

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Personal advice, do it yourself.

Bubble is very simple to learn, and within two weeks you can perform magics. I was in the same step as yours and spoke I believe with all the agencies around, they all will try to complex your simple idea to blow up the price into a 5 digits area.

Unless money has no value for you, keep your hard earned funds for yourself, and build the prototype yourself - this way you can maintain it yourself, otherwise, you will rely on third-party and waste money building relationships you might not need.

No one will help you reduce your risk in your business, no one will care about your ROI either.

Keep your money for marketing :slight_smile:


Hi Alex,

I will help you.


Hi, you can check my portfolio on Bubble. I’m available for freelance work. Send me a message if you are interested in working with me.

At first site, this project is extremely simple and it should be low cost to be developed or if you have the time, do it yourself. Of course you will probably have to provide a more detailed scope to get a better idea.

PS: Following that logic, you can also do marketing yourself but there are also marketing experts out there like there are Bubble experts out there too.

When I’ve mentioned marketing I’ve been referring to press releases (cost money, no expertise, and other types of media buying/ppc).

Its true, the same thing can be applied for marketing, content or graphics.

Business is all about risk and money management.

Hello @alext,

I can would love to assist you with your requirements. Please connect me via message at reachmetojay[at] gmail[dot] com.

Look forward to hear back from you.


What is simple? Creating the front-end and back-end will not be easy for a starter. You can always check for a template to start or follow the basic lessons.

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At first site and by the description of the project, it did seem simply to me; if you know the platform well that is. My post was mainly in response to another post here.

I do agree with you, templates are an option.

You can find the similar samples in one of Bubble templates, https://bubble.io/templates , so you just have to find a fitting one and cut it a little.