Bubble group wont expand to fit row. Not sure if its me or its bugged

I have a row set to 42 pixels. I want the groups inside that are acting like buttons to expand to the height of 42 pixels. When I unselect everything they don’t expand anymore they just hide the content. I have to force a min width 42 to fit it to the row. I could have sworn when you unselected fit height to to content the columns groups would always expand.

bubble text settings expand

group all bubble

try min height equal to 100%

thanks, I swear though. I was using already existing groups that worked perfectly. I cant remember setting min 100% on them

I lied it is weird still it will not fit into the row height. Nvm I fixed it. There was a very small hidden group causing problems. That I forgot I put some custom css into

still being weird

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