How to return to old design engine?

This new design engine is a complete deal breaker for me. I spent hundreds of hours learning how to use Bubble, and now I have to learn all over again? I can’t even resize an element by dragging the corners anymore? This is crazy. Is there a way to return to the old design engine?


I share the same sentiments.
I hope they don’t make this new responsive engine compulsory cos I don’t like it.

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Once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it more than the old way! Making responsive web apps using the new system is much easier.

I did a 2 hour workshop on the new design system going over some fundamentals, a sign up login, a left menu dashboard, some cards etc :

And I also collected all the tutorials in a mega thread as well.

Hope this helps


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Was there ever an actual answer on this? I despise the new engine

Gotta be honest with you guys, despite the fact you don’t like the new engine, the new engine is simply following where the direction the web has been going in for years. The new engine works with flex box, which is how pretty much every modern website works now.

It’s sucks to have to redo things, but that’s been a part of being a web developer for years. Consider yourself lucky you don’t have to worry about IE support anymore, haha!

It would be bad practice to continue using the old system anymore, unless you’re just trying to maintain an old product.

Moral of the story: never become complacent and keep learning!

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I don’t have an issue with the principles - but with the interface. It’s not as user-friendly as the old one.


  • Can’t drag to select multiple items as easily - in old editor dragging selected only items fully enclosed within the area selscted, whereas in new editor it selects other items you aren’t even touching
  • Moving the size to another tab was a bit pointless and just adds extra clicks
  • repeating groups are annoying to design if not doing fixed rows
  • text elements don’t seem to have an option to auto-expand if text overflows, instead hiding the extra text if not hiding the lot…!
  • elements don’t snap to as many things as they previously did, eg. when resizing
  • when moving multiple elements, no option to set a common X or Y anymore

There’s a whole lot more, but, from where I sit - while yes it has caught the system up as far as responsiveness goes, it’s set the system back as far as UX goes.

Honestly, if the new editor is compulsory and the UI isn’t going to be fixed, I’ll probably move away from Bubble.

In my opinion, as someone who was familiar with flex box for years, it’s far, far, far more user friendly. It just makes a million times more sense than the old system. I know many people here in the forums complained for years about how horrible and hard to understand the old system was. I think your issues are a matter of opinion

Again, no issue with flex box - that’s a plus, it was about time. But, things like the issue with drag to select picking up items nowhere near the area selected? That’s not opinion, that’s faulty UI - unless it’s optional. Same for the text elements - text just completely disappearing if it overflows instead of truncating or being cut (or having an option for the box to expand to fit the text), especially in a system where dynamic text is so prevalent, so text lengths can vary wildly…

Either way, let’s not automatically dismiss any concerns about the new engine as resistance to change. Again, I’m in favour of the over all principles, as those were overdue - but the UX is utter garbage in comparison. It would now be easier to just code. Which defeats the purpose of low code and no code systems.