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Downgrade Responsive engine to legacy

Please Please!
I work with bubble for the past 4 years - all my business is around bubble…
And I cant really use the new engine - it is too hard for me to use it i dont get it

is it possibe to downgrade to the legacy one - that i used to work with for the past 4 years??

Please help me!!

is it possibe to downgrade to the legacy one

Nope… but hopefully you saved copies of all your pages before you upgraded them, so you should just be able to delete the upgrade pages and go back to using the original backed up pages (you’ll probably need to change the names of them back to their original page names, but that shouldn’t take too long.)

Or you can restore your app to an older time - if it’s within your plan’s restore time limit.

That said, if I were you I’d definitely take the time to master the new responsive engine - although it’s very different from the old one, once you get your head round it it’s actually very simple, and gives you much more control, and lets you build AND modify pages MUCH faster and more efficiently than the legacy engine.


I mean can i downgrade to the legacy on new apps? cause now its default
is much simplier for me to use!

i need to build new apps for customers and i really stuck now with this

Sorry, @digitalmnz001, but all new apps are on the new responsive engine, so you are going to have to learn how to use it whether you want to or not. Adam is absolutely right, though… once you start to get the hang of it, it really is pretty simple, efficient, and easier/faster to use.

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Ahh I see…

No, the legacy engine is no longer available for new apps (as far as I understand)

I tried the best I can to learn the new engine while it was beta…

The legacy was just right to my needs, all I want is button to change the engine to the legacy one and continue to publish apps for my clients!

I really hope someone from bubble team can see this message and help me and I believe to another builders that can’t enjoy the new one to get the previous engine they loved…

all I want is button to change the engine to the legacy one and continue to publish apps for my clients!

I don’t think that’s likely to be an option…

If you’re that desperate, you could always try Duplicating an existing app (that uses the Old Responsive Engine) - then just delete all the pages and clear the database, and start again from there…


Oh that sound great!
It really save the engine?

Thanks! If it possible that the solution I needed

I will also suggest this crazy approach :joy:

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I just tried it, and it seems to work (not that I’d recommend investing too much time into new apps on the old engine though!)

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Bubble: “it will be mandatory”
@adamhholmes: ”Don’t think so :sunglasses:

Now @digitalmnz001 will never learn. All by your fault :rofl:. He will copy forever.


I wouldn’t have expected that to work. I bet Bubble will close that loophole real quick if they see too many folks using it.


I didn’t think it would work either…

It also seems if you create a new app using a template that hasn’t been upgraded to the new responsive engine (which is probably a lot of templates), then the new app will be using the old responsive engine…

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I agree with Adam, the new version is very difficult to use. I just created a new app and realized that the new version is very frustrating. I ended up cloning an old app that still used the older version (version 15) and the non-responsive upgrade. I deleted all of the pages, all of the database, then started again. It took me two hours to delete everything. But at least I was familiar with the older versions. (not to mention, the two days I already lost, creating the new app with the new version. I already created the whole database structure, created a set of styles, and created two pages)

I then cloned the blank version of my old app and called it “blank version 15” so that if I ever want to create another app, it’s ready to go, without any pages or database structure. :sweat_smile:

Um, he pretty much said the exact opposite of that.

As I said earlier in this thread, I will be surprised if Bubble doesn’t close that loophole at some point. Join the brave new responsive world, friend. :slight_smile:

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Sorry I was responding to this quote by Adam:
If you’re that desperate, you could always try Duplicating an existing app (that uses the Old Responsive Engine) - then just delete all the pages and clear the database, and start again from there…

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I will try :sweat_smile: I am sure new users like the new version and I have nothing against all the upgrades. It took me 6 months to learn the bubble outlay and I am stubborn in my ways :sweat_smile:

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Like a few have said already - best bet is to learn the new responsive editor.

It’s actually super easy once it ‘clicks’ and you can build easier, faster and MUCH better looking UI.


To be clear…

I wasn’t recommending doing that at all!! - I was just pointing out the possibility…

It’s actually (in my opinion) a ridiculous thing to do for a whole number of reasons (the old engine is outdated, much slower to build on, more fiddly to make changes to pages, slower performance, it will no longer be supported by Bubble or plugin builders in the future, the Bubble documentation will not be updated for the old engine, etc.)

I wouldn’t recommend anyone starts building a new app on the old engine.

And I certainly never said the new engine is difficult to use - quite the opposite…

Sure, as it’s different it takes some time to learn, but once you get the basic concept it is MUCH easier to build AND make changes to pages than the old engine ever was.


You are correct, I know you didn’t say the new engine was hard, I am the one who finds it hard because I have not bothered to learn it yet. I admit I took the impatient route and
I can probably give the new version a go and I should probably spend some time learning.

I am just having alot of trouble with the following:

The new page layout (fixed, parent, row or column)
I can’t just drag elements where I want them because of these page settings. When I change to row, column or parent, everything is muddled and will only let me move elements to certain places.

Another thing is a can’t drag to resize my elements like my page size, popups and groups. I have to manually enter the dimensions in the settings tab.

I am also having trouble collapsing elements when hidden. I know how to but I have to change the parent element so it’s not fixed and that rearranges everything and I can’t place them properly.

Once I tackle these issues I am sure I can use it with ease. :blush:

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