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Bubble hotkeys OMG

Five years. Five years it took me to discover that Bubble has a bunch of hotkeys that I’ve never used :scream_cat: :sob: :joy:

Leaving this here as a tip in case anyone’s as slow as me to pick this up :sweat_smile: efficient Bubbling, here I come!


Thank you!

I picked up the Ctrl + E for centring from a Bubble webinar a couple of months back and wondered if there were more.


I find the CMD-click one to be the most useful, personally…


Wow, this is amazing! I print it asap :smile:


Funny, I saw that particular one and went “I could’ve used this 1,000,000 times”… Same boat :joy:


I am lazy to reconfigure Windows to actually be able to use this shortcut with Bubble. When I try to use the equivalent key in Windows … the smart Windows menu pops up…

Do not get me wrong … I think it is great and very needed! … grrrr I am going to find a way to change this in my Win10 settings …

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I just started out with Bubble and I am absolutely surprised that a program that has such richness im functionality offers so little keyboard shortcuts. I am doing a course and see the teacher do everything by mouse. On my Mac I do everything with shortcuts, from launhing apps to basically all other things - so I am pretty shocked to see the amount of mouse action needed to navigate on bubble.

BTW - there is a Chrome plugin from ZeroQode that offers way more shortcuts -his is where it gets really functional.

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Awesome! Thanks forsharingthe hotkeys with us @petter, and making it a downloadable. Printed out, it now sits on the wall in front me, above my machine.

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@peter.grabec I’m glad my ignorance could be of some help :sweat_smile:

On a serious note, yeas, I kind of agree! You can suggest it in the Bubble idea board, and maybe they’ll include some more shortcuts in an upcoming hackathon.

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Yeah thanks for sharing! Selecting the parent, and auto centering are :100:

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@petter you just increased my productivity by 20%.

Thank you :pray:

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Command-Click is a huge time saver…thanks @petter

Command-Drag (from anywhere but the corners) creates a copy of the element…very useful too.

Pasting the list of keyboard shortcuts from the editor for better visibility and search engine indexing. These keyboard shortcuts are likely to be a very valuable timesaving tool for people in this forum. :slight_smile:

I also wanted to include a handy keyboard shortcut reference app I built for myself. This will create a slim popup that you can ‘dock’ to the right of your editor while learning the keys.

App: Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference Sheet

Preview your app, equivalent to clicking on PREVIEW

Switch between the Design, Workflow and Data tabs

CMD + Click
Select the element under the current element

CMD + Drag
Resize the current element symetrically

Shift + Drag
Resize and keep proportions constant

Copy current element, action or event

Paste current element, action or event

Cut current element, action or event

Copy current element’s formatting

Paste formatting to current element

Duplicate current element

Show/Edit workflow for the current element

Select all elements on the page

Group the selected elements and move them in a new group

Center current element relatively to the parent

Turn this text element bold

Turn this text element italic

Turn this text element underlined