Bubble Ideaboard improvements

Bubble Ideaboard launched in the end of 2020 as a tool to measure community interest in new features and existing functionality improvements.

Since then we have two places with no connection to share ideas: #idea category on the forum and Ideaboard.
For idea initiator forum is a more convenient place to share ideas cause you can get more attention and feedback from the community (and add some images, which is not possible on Ideaboard). At the same time posting ideas on the Ideaboard is more preferred way for Bubble team as @sam.morgan shared recently:

The ideaboard is the best place at this time to submit new feature requests. Our PMs actively triage and browse those requests, and work them into our roadmap.

So here are some ideas that from my POV will make Ideaboard a better place to create/search and upvote ideas for the community:

  1. Make it possible to connect an idea created on the Ideaboard and a forum post from #idea category.
    Add a separate field within Ideaboard’sIdea to insert a link to the forum post. User finds an idea on the board and can go to the related forum post to check all the details and comment on it.

  2. Add an option to create an idea right from the forum post.
    Just a button/link within a forum post that will navigate user to the Ideaboard with forum post text copied in idea description (not sure if that’s possible in Discourse engine that Bubble uses for the forum).

  3. Add categories to the Ideaboard
    3.1 Categories for some general topics
    For example, I’d like to find community ideas and feature requests for workload units topic. What is my user experience? I have to search with keywords like WU and workload. While having a dedicated category will help me to find these ideas in a click.
    3.2 Categories for elements
    For example, Table element has been introduced recently. Having a separate category for this element will make it much more easy to check and upvote community feature requests for it.

  4. Make it possible to add images to an idea
    It’s easier to explain some ideas using images :slight_smile:


I love all of this, but especially this!