[Feature update] Ideaboard

Hey Everyone!

We’ve just released a pretty major overhaul of our ideaboard page.

In addition to the new design, you can now comment on and share links to individual ideas.

We hope this helps you all rally around the best ideas from the community!

Note: you must be logged in to your Bubble account in order to view the ideaboard!


This is great, @sam.morgan! Is there a way we can change the username we’re posting as?

Not at this time! It is automatically tied to the forum username attached to your currently logged in Bubble account. This is mainly to prevent spam.

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Oooh! I’m logged into the wrong account :joy: Or it’s not working?

Just FYI for anyone not signed into Bubble on their smartphone like I was: You can only view the Ideaboard if you’re signed into Bubble. Otherwise the link redirects you to the Bubble homepage.

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Great point, Brian - I added this clarification to the original post.

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@sam.morgan Does it mean that this one is now solved ?


:sweat_smile: Someone from our internal team just noticed a bunch of unsolved ideas relating to updating the ideaboard that we’re working on resolving now! Good catch :slight_smile:


So glad there is actually a way to link to our ideas now! Thanks @sam.morgan


Great overhaul @sam.morgan


Holy mother bear! Thank you!



Thanks for this update. Was long due and much needed.

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Excellent work, @sam.morgan!

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Awesome! Long time coming!

Perhaps allow titles to wrap? Or smaller font on mobile?

Great improvement! Now if we can have the ability to attach images, that would be super handy - especially for UI suggestions.

If anyone else feels similarly, please upvote this idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

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this is awesome thank you. now we can vote on what we think is most important first

some of those “shipped” ideas i havent even seen the functionallity for.

like the 2 way related data types where when you add a field to one it adds it to the other or something like that. i wish there was a place to “view” an example of the “shipped” idea.

but i guess if im not running into needing that i shouldn’t worry about it? lol

I’m so happy people are loving the updates here! Thanks for all the feedback.

@ksplinter007 our product team is going through right now and cleaning up any mistakes like this one that you shared. That specific idea has been moved back to in progress! Thanks for your patience as our team works to clean up some of the existing ideas.

@alejandrowunderlich great idea to let the titles wrap on mobile! I will share that idea with our team and work to get this updated so its a bit more readable.


Hey @sam.morgan, can we get the ability to edit a submission, even if only for a few minutes after first submitting it? Oddly, you can edit a comment but not the original submission (unless I’m missing something). :neutral_face: