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New Ideaboard Design / Functionality improved

I am sitting around and playing with Bubble, shocking I know, and I re-created what I think the ideaboard should be more like. You can view that here:

The key differences being that there is the ability to search the ideas, and the ability to sort by created date. I’m still playing with the UI, and I want to add more functionality (ability to tag an idea with different tags, sort of like the forums - tags such as: APIs, Workflow, Plugin, Back-end, Front-end, etc…)

I couldn’t find the old bubble app they used to have that was the entire bubble website. That would’ve been nice to use as a template haha.


So I’ve been playing around a bit more, and I successfully added tagging:

Now, to add searching by tags :thinking: - Well, I can do that, but to make it fit this Bubble UI haha.

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I love the meta-ness of encouraging Bubble to fix their product by showing them how to do it with their product. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Hehe! nice

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Been playing some more, now added the functionality to only show certain tags!


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I like it! I found the existing idea board UI leads to accidental duplicate ideas rather than focusing on allowing idea browsing.

A couple ideas:
-Make it responsive so that it works better on mobile
-Instead of a “Show more” button, have clicking/tapping on the entry itself expand the description
-Show upvotes and allow upvoting in the list rather than the preview. Perhaps you can replace the see more with an upvote count and icon if you use the previous idea
-Have the sort, filter, search, and switch to create idea be floating when scrolling through the list of ideas, or switch to vertical scrolling from extended

Good work, I’m hoping bubble’s new website designer can take inspiration from this!

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I like these ideas too! Maybe @allenyang might be able to bring it to life?! :sweat_smile::blush:

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Fantastic ideas! I love 'em! Gonna add these today!

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Still need to make it more mobile responsive, and that floating group idea, but I did remove the “show more” button in favor of the upvoting being there.

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