Bubble iframe in iOS. how does current user data type work?

Hi. So I have been leverage bubble to create iFrames for my mobile app. To manage user authentication, I store user authentication information into bubbles Current User Data type.

On Android Devices the behavior is as expected. Current User information persists between page navigation, however on iOS it seems like Bubble iFrame is unable to store any information into Current User.

With this confusing result, I wanted to know if anyone knew how Bubble Current User data type works. Is it some sort of caching or something else. Any information in this area will be most helpful in understanding what is going on.

For context I am using Bubble as iFrames inside of an Ionic Project.

Let me know if you need any more details from me.

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In case anyone is interested in the answer to this:

“Current User” is actually a “Temporary User” tracked via cookies if that current user isn’t logged in. As a result, if your users are in not logged-in and your iOS device is set to block cookies, then you wouldn’t be able to store data on a current/temporary user while navigating between pages

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Nice find.