Current User data overwriting other users information

I’m pretty new to Bubble and building a professional network type app. I took an existing template for a social media app similar to LinkedIn (created by Zeroqode). I added a new section to the profile called “Seller Profile”.

The data for this section is based on the ‘Current User’ information.

When I look in preview at my own profile, the information looks fine. However, when I go to another user’s profile, my information overrides anything on another user’s. Switching accounts, I find the same thin for other users as well.

It’s only a problem for the section that I created.

What would be the proper way to ensure that a user whose logged in sees other user’s data correctly?

Here’s the link to the Bubble account:

This is because you’re setting the dynamic elements to “Current user.” So no matter what user you’re looking it, it’ll always show the current user’s information.

To fix this, make that section of type “User” (something like current page user)… and then all the dynamic elements will be “current page user’s X”

Does that make sense? Let me know.


Working fine for me. Note that when you test, you’ll be going to a non-existent user profile. Watch your browser bar. You’ll get it.

Don’t get spun by the preview junk. You need to enter an actual user test UID (or just run the app as that user). The image above is me just running your app as me. When you click “preview”, the actual UID just becomes a sample. Note:

But the actual user – logged in – sees this:

See the difference? (pro tip: I highlighted it for you)

@keith - Thanks for the response and the clarifications.

Running the app itself, I’m still seeing the same issue though. Here’s the username I set up for Matthew McConaughey, when I’m logged in as him:

When I navigate to the profile you just created, the ‘Seller Profile’ has the data I entered for Matthew, instead of the data you entered for yourself:

Any thoughts on how to diagnose?

You’re displaying your data and not the User’s data. It’s that simple.

Check your privacy rules, special things you’re doing for YOU, etc., etc.

Because it works fine for me (just a generic user).

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