Bubble in Washington, DC

Hi guys,

Anyone interested in doing a meetup in the DC area? Would love to get together with some fellow bubblers in the area. If you’re interested feel free to like this post or send me an email with you name, email, and a few dates that can work for you!

Looking forward to making it happen!


There are at least 2 of us here, myself and @alex. We’d definitely be down for a meetup, we tend to meet at WeWork in Crystal City when we get together in person, but can be most places. I live in Springfield, Alex in DC.

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Perfect, I live in Alexandria actually. I’ve been to to the Wework Crystal city location a few times for events and panels and such. My schedules pretty flexible. But next Wed or Thursday evening would be ideal.

Nice. I’ll chat with Alex and see what we’ve got cookin’


@alex @victor @potentialthings - just moved into town. Up for a summer drink or co-bubblin’ work day?

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I love summer drinks. If there’s an umbrella in that drink, it’s likely to be mine! Let’s see if we can get something put together!

Great idea. Would love to meet up with other bubbles in DC area.

The office I work out of is pretty neat, I can set up a Meetup or something for one evening during the week. We have stocked fridges and whatnot, as well. I recently gave a presentation to a bunch of founders in the area on codeless dev tools, so we may be able to get decent attendance.

Want me to set up the Meetup page?


Excited to see you kicking off a community in the DC area!

Is there any more DC Bubblers or anyone from Maryland?

Yes. I live in the DC area.

I’m in Fairfax, but my office is in DC. I go there once every other week or so, but mostly work from home (or traveling for customer visits).

I am actually in Maryland, around Annapolis

what going my DMV <🙅🏾‍♂️ No coders/> I live baltimore. I have created in app for CDLs (commercial driver license) schools and i have all the wireframes for my app that i did off of balsamiq. I took and just finished a Udemy course for bubble and understand the basics. I need help getting my prototype started. I have 3 school owners ready and excited to test run my app once its done.

Lets get a cup of coffee and talk about the future.