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Unable to Search Datatype

So I had a couple search boxes and a repeating group throughout my app that searched for various things of a datatype.

earlier today I noticed one of the search boxes wasn’t searching the datatype anymore and just figured it was hiccup with bubble and it would go away, but no I’ve noticed my repeating group wont search the datatype either. I’ve created all new fields and even created a repeating group on a new page to try and get it to work and nothing.

Anyone have ideas?

Can you provide a link to your editor ? There a lots of reasons this might happen, and it is hard to guess.

Although an obvious one is that you have pushed to live and there is no data there !

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Sorry about that, thought I did include a link. here it is

And its doing it on my live side and development side. i’m unable to search my Company Datatype.

Privacy settings were set incorrectly. Guess I need to figure out more about how the privacy settings work. Got this fixed