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Searchable dropdown


I was wondering if there´s any way to have a searchable dropdown like you can see in the image below.

Thanks a lot.

Have you tried the Search Box element ?

Hi @NigelG,

Yes, but with the search box you don´t see the whole list unless you start typing something.

You know what I mean?

We don’t have this element yet.

Thanks for your reply,

Is it on the list of features, @emmanuel?

Not for the very near future given the list of stuff we want to do first.

Ok, I see,

Would you know how to get this with a workaround or should we wait?

It´s not critical but if it´s coming in a month or so, we will wait.


A repeating group and an input can do it. A month is probably a bit optimistic.

Thanks @emmanuel,

I´ll try that workaround then.