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Bubble investing in UI and UX


Now that Bubble has like 100M to invest, I think it’s time Bubble takes a look at some UX and UI stuff, like:

And yes, we all bubblers appreciate that Bubble invests in the things they are investing.
Bubble can be the no code web app builder with unlimited functionalities and quality design :grinning: :computer:


Thanks so much for the great ideas! We always appreciate our users pushing us forward to improve our services and showing off the power of No-Code. This would be an excellent idea to share on our ideaboard so others can upvote the suggestion. Our product team monitors this regularly to determine our future roadmap.

Hey, @michael.lee,


Done :grinning: :computer:

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Adding this RTE

Adding another RTE

That skeleton screen looks dope af :ok_hand: :fire: :heart_eyes:


Adding this skeleton screen

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