Bubble.io Integration with Slack

Anyone here has experience with Slack Integration?

The Use Case: I am developing a job marketplace. Any job-posting that is created will be sent to a specific channel…

How can I set Bot to send message automatically without the user need to login with slack option?

FYI, I have added successfully the integration. When logging with a user, the user able to share new job posting on slack channel. However, I don’t get same the experience when not logging with a user.

How can I get Bot to send automated message without the user to log in to the slack workspace?

Hi @arisbakri2,
I haven’t done any Slack integration before, but you could probably create a bot in your Slack workspace, get its token, save the token in Bubble app and then just hit the API endpoint with the API connector like this

Here are the API docs for that

Hi @alanpieczonka

I actually have sorted this matter. The way that I fixed is by integrating the slack app with PathFix.

The current arrangement or default arrangement is that, a user on my app needs to perform OAuth with my app in order to make any message/notifications successful to the slack channel.

In my case, I did not want to do that. I have done by using API Connector integrating the Slack App and Pathfix to meet requirement.

Thanks for the help and I really appreciate this!

To do this, I need to create Pathfix integration and link my slack app to PathFix. Then I will connect and add JSON and also other data required to do API Connector to be successful.