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For app creators who are working on project management systems or work-from-home productivity tools, having easy online communication is even more critical today than ever before. With Bubble’s newest Slack plugin, we’ve developed some sophisticated ways for you to take advantage of the Slack API in your web app, all without needing to code. From creating your own Slack bot for your app to building an internal team chat tool that syncs with your Slack workplace, there are many possibilities for you to explore.

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That’s amazing !!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Really exciting news, been waiting for this integration! :tada:

This is cool!

It would be awesome to have fake channel to see what can be done with a free app editor hooked to it, ready to be copied

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hey @eve

2 questions :slight_smile:

Is this possible to have a slack bot post to a channel (as a notification) when the user is anonymous/
is not a member slack workspace/doesn’t have slack account. Somehow passing slack bot oauth to do this?

Also, it looks like you can’t add more than one key/dynamic value in the message field. It means I cannot create “Name Lastname Email just signed up” or even “Email just signed up”.

Is this by design?


Really awesome work! As a no-coder I salute you!

Do you plan to expand this to include the option to send a js payload in order to allow for interactive messaging? Just imagine all the cool stuff one could do with that :star_struck:


  1. This is not possible (and would be a huge security breach, so no plans to enable it at this time).

  2. That’s certainly not by design; our team is taking a look at this now. Thanks for flagging!

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nice, thank you!

@bartek.dev – would you actually mind submitting a bug report for the second behavior you’re seeing? We could use a specific repro case on this one. Thanks in advance!

done :slight_smile:

Hi @eve,

I am having the following challenge when using your Plugin, and want to confirm that I can use it in this way.

The situation:
I have a Bubble app in which customers can make a quotation/payment. They don’t need to log in or create an account, to be able to create a quotation in our Bubble app. (Is this considered an anonymous user? I guess so right?)

What I want to do
I want to notify my team about a new quotation in our “quotations” Slack channel.

How am I doing it?

  1. Quotation is created
  2. Post to Channel as Bot (Channel ID and message with quotation details)

I get the following message: “Invalid auth - not logged into Slack”

Am I doing it right? Is there another way to get this done?



I am attempting to use the Slack integration for the same purpose and also getting the same error.

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If I just want to post messages as a bot (generic app notifications, not user specific), do I still need to login with Slack? Right now I am requested to log in when I call “post to channel as bot”.


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I don’t quite understand why a user would want to post messages as a bot @vivienne?

Right now, it seems that to be able to post as a bot, we need the user to authenticate. I want the app, not users, to post messages as a bot.

Is it possible to post messages as a bot without requiring a user login?



So there is no way for the system to simply send updates to a slack channel with this? It has to be a signed in user? We were looking to use it for transaction, requests, and sign up notifications. It says there is a “post to channel as bot” function but I keep getting an invalid auth error.


Did anyone have any progress in setting up simple updates without a user being signed in?

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Having the same issue. Maybe there is a way to have an Admin user constantly connected then “send as a bot” with that user?

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I ended up just sending emails and using Zapier to send them to slack.

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You should be able to accomplish this with @taiheta’s plugin, FYI. See below:

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