How to make zapier work properly - Bubble to Google Sheets

Hey everyone,

I love and everything they are doing so anytime I find a solution to a problem I’ve had I want to share it with the community. The problem that I and a fellow Bubbler (DeanThomas25 - the video maker) have solved is correctly setting up Zapier to take data from Bubble to Google Sheets. We have worked on this for quite awhile and after tons of trial and error found the solution.

Warning** we have no idea why Zapier works this way but this does work consistently!

Hope this helps some of you and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out

Part 1:

Part 2:


Wow man thanks a lot. I was very frustrated trying to accomplish this. Cheers!

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Glad it helped you… took forever to figure out.

Great persistence to find the solution - thanks for taking the time to share.

@deanthomas25 @lucas.fulks

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@Bubble_Nate thanks!

Has anyone found an affordable (not hundreds per month) scalable bisynchronous approach to connecting Bubble with Google Sheets?

Has anyone used Google Sheets API

A review that shows it is possible:

Zapier is not READ/WRITE.
"1. Can Zapier fully sync my data between two apps?

Zapier doesn’t currently offer two-way syncing features like version merging or version conflict resolution and most supported apps don’t have triggers for updated data."

Sheetsu is not for production.

Michael OblakMAKER
@michaloblak · founder
@kostgx Hi Kostas! is very great product indeed. It can take care about everything - managing users, sending them emails, etc. It’s really great.

Sheetsu is for small things and really quick prototyping. It’s bad idea to manage users with Sheetsu. But it’s really simple to implement custom form or surveys with Sheetsu. Or mocking tests.
Idea of Sheetsu is not to use Google Spreadsheet as a production database for a big projects. It’s for testing out ideas, connecting spreadsheets with other platforms or creating small things which doesn’t need heavy backend.

Hi @lucas.fulks Thanks for sharing that with us :slight_smile: Is it also possible to use Zapier to take data from Google Sheets to Bubble? Can you tell me step by step please? I didn’t find a solution. I’ve been searching since 2 days. :frowning: