Zapier/bubble - modifying data on google sheet creates new bubble data instead of changing existing data


Need some assistance with Zapier integration with Bubble. I run a googlesheets spreadsheet with all my data and would like to utilize the data from the spreadsheet to build a bubble app.

I am using Zapier to transfer the data to bubble. Using the change row or modify row zapier setup I have managed to get the information to pull through into bubble. The problem is that when I modify a cell in my spreadheet, a new zap is sent and bubble is including this as new data instead of changing the existing data.

There are only 2 columns
Date and overall profitability, the date is always consistent i.e Year 1, Year 2 etc but the profitability changes for the current year based on new data.
Is there anyway to have bubble check the date and if this is the same only change the profitability amount ? i.e prevent a duplication ?

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